“…if everyone focused their love, care, and commitment to protecting and regenerating their local places, while respecting the local places of others, then a side effect would be the resolution of the climate crisis.”

Charles Eisenstein, Climate: A New Story

The lawn is the epitome of unsustainability

Wildscaping, healing earth one lawn at a time
Image: Paige Vickers, The Case Against Lawns

“The lawn is the epitome of unsustainability… Lawns … displace native ecosystems at a rate between 5,000 and 385,000 acres per day in favor of sterile, chemically-filled, artificial environments bloated with a tremendous European influence that provide no benefits over the long term. No food, no clean water, no wildlife habitat, and no foundation for preserving our once rich natural heritage.”

The Roaming Ecologist

The many flavours of wildscaping

the many flavours of wildscaping

Wildscapes restore our cities one garden patch, one roadside verge one corner of a park at a time.

Wildscaping transforms your yard from a grass monoculture into a thriving, ecological sanctuary. Wildscaping is the process of creating a landscape that’s designed for all beings – people and wildlife. Wildscaping brings exuberant, wild beauty into our cities.

Wildscapes include native plants that provide nectar, pollen, leaves, nuts and berries for wildlife (and people)! Wildscapers also enhance habitat (food, water, shelter, space) for native and beneficial insects, which act as pollinators, nutrient recyclers and even food for other wildlife. Wildscapes also act as a natural climate solution by storing carbon and reducing carbon emissions.

Here are a series of articles to help you start wildscaping:

  • Forestscape: take a step towards nature and nature will always take ten steps towards you
  • Meadowscape: convert your lawn into a meadow even bylaw officers will love
  • Sedgescape: design with sedges that share the space unselfishly

Wildscaping to heal Earth…

… as the climate crisis deepens and we stand on the brink of a sixth mass extinction, we choose to act by wildscaping Kingston and the 1000 Islands. Help us by creating a wildscape of your own or by helping wildscape a public place. Over time we’ll create green corridors that rewild our cities.

Join us. Become a wildscaper!