Year of the Biodiverse Garden

Latest Posts

  • Saving and winter sowing native seeds
    Seed saving and ‘winter sowing’ are the easiest and most economical way to grow many native plants … and it’s fun!
  • Planting a streetside meadow matrix
    A Neighbourhood Habitat Seed Garden—designed using the matrix method—supports pollinators and serves as a seed source for future Portsmouth neighbourhood plantings.
  • Workshops: designing biodiverse garden ecosystems
    Learn practical techniques for designing garden ecosystems inspired by the natural world.
  • Microbes in the garden
    Incorporating nitrogen fixing plants into your garden, meadow, or lawn is an effective way of supporting the health of your soil.
  • Rethinking insect pests in the garden
    Many gardeners choose garden perennials and annuals to bring beneficials into their yards to help deal with problematic pests.
  • Why grow herbs?
    Herbs are often valued for their culinary contributions or for medicinal purposes, but they also make great ornamentals and many attract pollinators. 


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