Vegetable gardening

What to plant, when

Garden calendar: veggies and cover crops for all seasons, Source: Cornell University
Vegetable planting chart for South East Ontario, Source: West Coast Seeds

Crop-by-crop vegetable guides

Vegetable guide for beginners by Garden Libary: Super simple single page with everything you need to know about each vegetable from Getting started | Planting | Care | Harvesting.

Johnny’s Seeds Vegetable Library: Janette Haase’s favourite site. Great if you’d like a printable PDF for each vegetable.

Seed Savers Exchange: Astrid’s favourite site. Has everything from seed saving to crop-by-crop guides.

Garden plans

Plant spacing

Make your own potting or seed starting soil

You can easily make your own seedling and container mixes. It’s a bit like making bread, you can modify the recipe based on the ingredients you have on hand!

Cover crops that nourish the soil

Cover crops crops protect soil from erosion, increase organic matter, add nitrogen, suppress weeds, provide habitat for beneficial insects, feed pollinators and improve soil structure and aeration.