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Rewilding microbial communities: a roadmap for urban ecosystem health

May 25 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

Rewilding microbial communities: a roadmap for urban ecosystem health

Join ecologist and author Dr Jake Robinson to learn about Invisible Friends – how microbial life shapes our city and our wellbeing.

About this event

“All the nature we can see intimately depends on all the nature we can’t see”.

Microbes shape our lives and the world around us – in beneficial and life-sustaining ways. Learn how we can – and must – rewild the microbial communities in our ecosystems and bodies. Microbes can help restore ecosystems, clean up pollution, shape our foods, and are contributing to a revolution in urban architecture!

In this talk, Dr Jake Robinson will introduce us to these invisible friends – the microbes that live in the soil, on plants, in the air, and within our very own ‘walking ecosystem’ – the human body. He will talk about our coevolution and the importance of restoring biodiversity in our cities using nature-based solutions and Microbiome-Inspired Green Infrastructure (MIGI).

Jake’s new book, Invisible Friends: How Microbes Shape Our Lives and the World Around Us, is about our extraordinary relationship with microbes, how they shape our lives and the world around us and the weird, wonderful, and indispensable roles they play in our health, behaviour, society, and ecosystems!

For more information about Invisible Friends https://www.jakemrobinson.com/

About Dr. Jake Robinson

Jake is a microbial ecologist based in Australia. He enjoys microbial ecology, geospatial science, and social equity issues and developing ways to conserve and restore nature. Jake’s research spans the fields of microbial ecology, ecological restoration, inter-kingdom interactions, and socioecological healing. Learn more.


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